Very soon, in 2016, Mexico will be the CIAT 50th General Assembly venue and We are proud to host brother nations so that we can share experiences, analyze results, identify best practices and above all, to strengthen cooperation and friendship ties.

This important event, framed in the celebration of the CIATs founding 50th anniversary represents a great opportunity for México and the other country members, to ratify their endorsement to the firm commitment to achieve measurable results and directed to enhance international tax systems; as well as with integrity, transparency and ethics values.

In this opportunity the central topic of the Assembly will be “Past, present and future of Tax Administration”, whose works and debates will likely allow us to analyze in depth where we are, but yet more importantly, where we are going to and which ways we should follow in order to prevent and fight all forms of tax fraud, evasion and elusion and facilitate voluntary compliance.

It will be an honor and a pleasure for Mexico’s Tax Administration Service to host such an important event, framed in such an emblematic celebration.

See you in Mexico City!


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